Historic Pleasant Green Missionary Baptist Church

Serving since 1790 ...Same Site since 1822

Pastor: Rev. Dr. Calvin Shears
Assist. to Pastor (Weddings & Funerals):  Rev. Herbert T. Owens, Jr.
Assist. to Pastor Youth Ministry:  Rev. Mark Dunn
Assist. to Pastor Young Adults:  Rev. Wendell Emerson

Assist. to Pastor (Hospital Visitation):   Rev. Leo Fain

Assist. to Pastor Bible Teaching:    Rev. Ron Jones

Assist. to Pastor Hospitality:  Rev. Freddie Moody
Church Clerk:   
Assist Church Clerk:  Sister Karen Taylor

Assistant to Assist. Clerk  Sister Patricia Hayden
Chairman of Deacons:   Bro. Walter J. Speed, Jr.
Chairman of Trustees:  Bro. Ben Brown